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How to Save Money, Time, and Sanity when Launching a New Brand (Product)?

How to Save Money, Time, and Sanity when Launching a New Brand (Product)?

One of the key first steps when launching a new business/product line is to define the product's positioning on the market.
Yet we see many businesses skip this seemingly core element and go straight into product design and go-to-market planning. This leads to lengthy debates on features, user journeys, and marketing messages later in the game.

How to ensure that you launch a product that customers will instantly want to try out?

Let's hear from Solid Water Marketing Agency team members.
Maria Tsarkova, Growth Marketer, Co-founder of Solid Water Marketing Agency
I always advise my clients to start with the basics. Done right, brand positioning exercise (3-4 weeks max) can be a game-changer, saving heaps of energy down the road. Think of it as the cornerstone, as vital as proper market research. Understand your audience's needs first, and then craft a compelling product and brand around them. Not the other way around! Yes, I've seen many companies try it backward - doesn't work well.

Marketecture document (literally marketing architecture)

Daria Partas, Communications Advisor, Co-founder of Solid Water Marketing Agency
Brand story, core narrative, brand marketecture, messaging framework - whatever you call it, the value of developing a clear and coherent brand narrative in a brand workshop can be underappreciated by smaller businesses or startups. However, prudency with marketing budgets comes with clarity: what are you going to communicate as a brand across all your touch points? Your social media bio and feed, your shop window or landing page, your product packaging and ad creatives - all these media carry words and images which together convey what you make, do and sell. To maintain consistency and avoid confusing your customers, make sure you have got your brand story right from the start.

The process of crafting brand's architecture

Anastasia Dobronravova, Marketing Strategist of Solid Water Marketing Agency
Crafting marketing assets for a new brand goes beyond mere consistency in colors, fonts, and logos. To leave a lasting impression, the layout, tone of voice, and key messages are crucial elements, all molded by a well-defined brand positioning. Before delving into website or creative development, prioritize establishing a robust Marketecture. This strategic approach crystallizes your message for the audience, providing a guiding framework for your designs and sparing your team from the pitfalls of a time-consuming cycle of endless revisions.

An example of incorporating brand guidelines into website creation: colors, fonts, and the overall style

Anna Naidich, Social Media and Content Manager
Social media managers and content creators, you understand the struggle – without well-defined brand guidelines, it's chaos. Crafting the right tone of voice becomes a challenge, along with establishing a cohesive visual style and understanding the target audience. It might not seem significant initially, but without the right positioning, growth is stunted – your product won't reach its intended audience and won't resonate with them.

Creating brand guidelines is a crucial step in content production

Seems like everyone is on the same page that brand positoning is not a step to be skipped :) Now, what could be the outcomes of a solid brand workshop?
Obviously these vary with industry and your business size but here is a typical menu of deliverables:

  1. Marketecture document that will become your brand's Bible. Includes things like:

  • Big Idea
  • Values, Mission
  • Product & Core Proposition
  • Target audience
  • Competitive Differentiators

2. Messaging House, Media Boiler Plate & Press Release

3. Visual Brand Guidelines

4. 'About Us' Deck
With the whole team now aligned on who we are, what we sell and why we do this - it is much easier to reach the right consumer with an appealing message!
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